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Business outcomes are tied to how the firm recruits, develops, rewards and retains its talent.

No matter the level in the or­ganization, supervising, managing, and leading people is one of the most difficult tasks. Understanding how to challenge and motivate employees can result in a competitive advantage for your organization. Boutwell Consulting can pro­vide one-on-one coaching or team events enabling greater focus on organization goals. Our services include the following:

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Compliance and Risk Management:

Making sure you are not getting in trouble with the government for noncompliance and ensuring your HR policies are not raising your risk.

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Analyzing your company’s jobs and wages and conducting performance reviews.

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Training and Development:

Training, coaching, and planning for the employees, leaders, and supervisors in your workforce.

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HR System Design and Optimization:

Assisting both start-ups and existing businesses with creating and improving HR systems.

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